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The Brewer Fitness team has been busy this summer! We’ve been trekking all over the country, and the globe, meeting some great people, seeing great places, and installing our great equipment!  This blog series chronicles our fun journey.

If you haven't read Part 1 yet, click here


Following my trip to Ireland, I quickly turned around and it was time to head off to Utah.  This next leg of the trip began with me racing from the airport to grab a truck, head over to the freight terminal, and then cramming two Treadwall Kores into a 12-foot moving truck. There’s always plenty of room in the truck, but it’s not a normal loading situation, so the fork truck drivers always get a chuckle at our particular brand of crazy. From there, it was a quick 45 minutes and 7,400 feet up drive to Park City, UT to install the Treadwall for the Psicobloc competition.


After that install, I was able to get one night of rest before setting up for the Outdoor Retailer show back down in Salt Lake City. The good folks at Mad Rock Climbing were kind enough to help me drag 1,000 lbs. of climbing wall into the show hall before finishing up their own set-up. Once the hard work of carrying the parts in is done, it just takes about 4 to 5 hours to fully assemble a Treadwall Kore.


The night before the show, I found out that one member of the Mad Rock team, Emily, had never climbed on a Treadwall and had never set a climbing route before. Boom! Two birds went down with one stone when Emily got to let her creativity shine by setting her first climbing route and then forerunning it. She did an amazing job, and with only a few small tweaks and words of advice from fellow climbers, we had our first V1 boulder problem up on the wall.


Outdoor Retailer went great--  long days, long nights, and tons of fun people to talk to. The last two nights of the show saw me running straight from the show hall up to Park City to man the Treadwall for the Psicobloc competition.

 Having spent several years behind the scenes at the comp, I’ve gotten to know a few of the athletes and, of course, had my favorites to win. This year, I was hoping that Ben Hanna would take first place. He had a terrific showing last year and despite (or because?) of his youth, he just tears up 55 feet of 5.14 like it’s nothing. This year, he was the only man to flash the entire route with an early and pretty quick top out. This led to a dramatic 2nd place finish by Jimmy Webb, with the two climbers flying up the route like rockets.


After the finals finished up, I hung around the Olympic Park to tear down the Treadwall, saving myself a trip back to Park City, but didn’t get back to my hotel room for a quick nap until 2am. I had just one more half day at OR and then I was able to quickly tear down the second Treadwall and head down to Santa Fe, NM by 8pm. After a few hours of driving, I snagged a great camping spot and got a nice, long, hammock-riding sleep, listening to the sound of coyotes off in the distance.


Check back soon for our next Tales from the Road article, chronicling the next leg of our journey this summer.

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