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The Brewer Fitness team has been busy this summer! We’ve been trekking all over the country, and the globe, meeting some great people, seeing great places, and installing our great equipment!  This blog, and the following two, will chronicle our fun journey. 


Not all of us get to travel as light as Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman, selling nothing but yourself. Lugging Treadwalls around the country requires significantly more infrastructure and logistics. On the upside, with a product as cool as the Treadwall and a community as cool as the outdoor industry, the ride is fun and easy.

 Recently, we were happy to continue our support of what is, hands down, the best climbing competition in the US - Psicobloc. We have been providing the warm-up wall for the competition since it began, and it is always a ton of fun! During the same week, we partnered with Mad Rock to bring a Treadwall onto the trade show floor at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. During the show, there were shoe demos for the latest and greatest Mad Rock shoes and we hosted a show-long competition to see who could climb 100 feet on a hard 5.10. That’s a lot harder than it sounds!

(Photo taken at Psicobloc Competition- Park City, UT)                                        

(Photo taken at Outdoor Retailer- Salt Lake City, UT) 


Following the show, we were able to participate in a photoshoot with Outside Magazine down in Santa Fe, NM. Now, with the big question of what you do with two Treadwalls orphaned out in the Southwest United States, you’ve got all the ingredients for an adventure.

Even though we try to plan trips like this as thoroughly as possible, life always has a few wrenches to throw into the gears.

About a month before I was scheduled to fly out for the OR show, we got word that a very good friend, and our UK distributor, had a terrible accident doing some home arbory. So, a last minute trip to Ireland was scheduled and a major tech company got two new M4 Pros in their newest building.

Tech campuses are renowned for their employee amenities and we’ve done a few installations at big name companies in the past, but this was our first Irish tiger installation. Everything went smoothly and once the building is open, the employees will have an amazingly cool little rejuvenation area complete with new Treadwalls.

With a last minute surprise trip like that, a small company like ours can quickly get behind. Luckily, the amazing team back home pulled off the incredible and got two Treadwalls manufactured, packed, and shipped out to Utah while I was gallivanting around Ireland, doing my best to save the island from having an overstock of Guinness.

I only had two days back at home before flying off to Utah to pick up a truck and begin my two-week tour of 3 of the 4 corners.

Stay tuned for our next Tales from the Road article, chronicling the next leg of our journey this summer.

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