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Learn a little bit about who we are and what vertical movement is

I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Brewer Fitness, the company that manufactures functional fitness equipment including the popular Treadwall and Laddermill. While I was initially unfamiliar with the fitness category that they are pioneering, called Vertical Movement, I quickly learned what a great workout it really is, and how nicely it pairs with MCore equipment to give the user a full-body workout experience.
During my visit, I was able to test out some of their equipment and I also got a tour of the factory to see how it’s all made.  Brewer’s equipment is made in Randolph, MA, not too far away from where I grew up.  It was great getting a behind-the-scenes look at their impressive manufacturing facility, but even better to get to try out the equipment for myself. 
Coming from a Strength and Conditioning background and as someone who works out consistently, I consider myself to be in good shape, but after less than five inutes climbing on theLaddermill and the Treadwall, I was feeling the burn.  The Laddermill and Treadmill are both fantastic pieces of equipment, because they combine cardio and strength training in one machine and make the user workhis or her entire body. Both pieces definitely fit well into a circuit-style workout.
Combining Brewer Fitness equipment with the MCore bench to create a circuit-style workout is the best way to get a fully functional, total-body workout with just two pieces of equipment.  Both the Laddermill and Treadwall use the natural motion of climbing to help the user focus on different muscle groups. Adjustable angles help with toning the arms and shoulders or focusing on the leg muscles, all while giving the user a continuous cardio burn.  Moving off of Brewer equipment and over to the MCore bench, the user is able to work his or her core and leg muscles, and, with different attachments-- including the dip bar, plyo top or Bosu ball-- can really focus on toning specific areas. 
The MCore bench is designed to engage the core and legs at all times, because the foundation of all movement begins with the core. It is fully adjustable so that any body type is able to use it.  Combined together, Brewer Fitness and MCore equipment provide a unique workout experience that is effective at toning and conditioning the entire body.
Forget the old equipment that you’re used to using at the gym—treadmill, traditional weights, etc.-- they are limiting you to only exercising certain muscles.  The Laddermill, Treadwall, and MCore bench are versatile and adaptable pieces of equipment that allow you to customize your workout experience.  You know your body best; get into the best shape of your life with fun, unique equipment that is truly customizable to your needs.
For more information about Brewer Fitness, visit www.brewerfitness.com
For more information about MCore, visit www.mcorefts.com
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