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Picture your typical gym routine. For most, it involves a mix of cardio and strength training. People might use a treadmill to get in some aerobic exercise and then turn to weights and other machines to work specific muscle groups.

What if you could get your cardio and strength training done quickly with just one piece of equipment?  Guess what? You can.

The Laddermill from Brewer Fitness gives you a full-body workout with one simple machine. The continuous rotation of the wall is similar to a treadmill, but while you’re getting a continuous aerobic burn you are also working every single part of your body, from your fingertips to your toes.   

While treadmills give a great cardiovascular workout and help to improve heart health, they really only work the heart and the legs. The Laddermill provides users with the same cardiovascular benefits, while simultaneously building lean muscle, increasing core, grip and upper body strength, and improving stamina, balance and coordination.


(Treadmill picture courtesy of Wikipedia) 

You can adjust the angle on the Laddermill from an easy positive angle to an intense negative angle, which targets different muscle groups.  The speed is also adjustable so that it can meet the needs of any user. Both experienced athletes and new users alike will benefit from this customizable, functional fitness activity.

Most importantly, the Laddermill is a safe piece of fitness equipment. Although you are climbing, you are never too far off the ground.  The Laddermill uses motor-less movement with a built in auto-stop feature that allows you to move safely at any speed.  

Calisthenics and body weight training are becoming increasingly popular due to proven body composition results, functional strength, and short durations of high intensity, complex movement. The Laddermill provides the user with a total body workout that is both enjoyable and effective.  

In the time it would take to run on the treadmill and follow up with free weight strength training, you could already be done with a Laddermill circuit, showered, and on to your next activity!


For more information about the Laddermill, click here

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