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Below you will find only a few of the incredible athletes that train on our equipment to maintain elite performance in their activity of choice.


 McKinney made his debut in ANW 6, where he placed 35th in Miami qualifying. His run was cut in qualifying, but it was revealed he was the smallest man so far to scale the Warped Wall. In the finals, he made all the way to the Spider Climb, but wasn't able to scale it and was the first man to fail to get up it this season. He still ended up placing 9th and moved on to the Vegas finals. He was the second competitor up in Vegas, and made it past the first 3 obstacles, and was the first to get through the Silk Slider, but wasn't able to get past the Jumping Spider.




  • Sasha Digiulian

    Sasha Digiulian

    Sasha Digiulian Sasha first began climbing at 6 years old, in 1998. She has won the World Championships for Female
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  • Rob Pizem

    Rob Pizem

    Rob Pizem A full time teacher and rock climbing pioneer. I started climbing in Ohio not knowing what I was
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  • Dustin Mckinney

    Dustin Mckinney

    Dustin Mckinney Dustin McKinney is a junior grade navy lieutenant who competed in American Ninja Warrior 6 and American Ninja
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  • Ronnie Dickson

    Ronnie Dickson

    Ronnie Dickson I was born with trevor's disease, a congenital disorder in the growth plates in my left knee and
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  • Eric Hörst

    Eric Hörst

    Eric Hörst Eric J. Hörst (pronounced “Hurst”) is an internationally renowned author, researcher, climbing coach, and accomplished climber of 40
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  • JesseWall


    Jesse Wall A traditional team-sports athlete growing up and strength athlete in college, I discovered vertical sports post school and
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  • Emily Harrington

    Emily Harrington

    Emily Harrington Emily Harrington is a professional rock climber and adventurer who has been a prominent and leading figure in
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