Customizable and easy to install climbing panels

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Ledgewall Panels

Just because you want a climbing wall at home does not mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics and time. With an in-cut texture that closely mimics the textures and edges of natural rock Ledgewall Panels can give a boost to the appearance of your wall while at the same time increasing functionality. Made from a hardwood plywood base Ledgewall panels also make for a stronger and more durable wall than your average splintery woody.
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Combine the 4 foot by 4 foot textured Ledgewall climbing panels with your own framework for a custom home climbing wall. One of the toughest steps of building a home climbing wall is deciding on the surface material and preparing and installing the t-nuts for your holds. Let us take the work out for you with the Ledgewall. The Ledgewall panel system is made from exterior grade plywood with a carved in texture and 27 hold placements. Each panel or set of panels will also come with a manual featuring care and installation tips. Available unpainted or pre-painted with a dark gray color.

  • Permanently texturized Panels add extra friction on difficult climbs, forever.

  • Hold placements are raised from the texture providing security to your hold positions

  • Fully customizable design that allows you to use your space to the fullest

  • Weather Resistant Construction expands the possibilities

  • easy to install