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  Mobile Treadwall

The Treadwall M6 Trailer package includes an exterior Treadwall and trailer designed for flexible usage. These are self-contained units using only a 12 volt battery. The Treadwall can be detached from the trailer and used alone. For traveling, the Treadwall is lowered with a simple 12v hydraulic sytem, and raised in minutes for climbing. No special training is required. 

The exterior Treadwalls are hot-dipped galvanized for superior corrosion protection and equipped with stainless steel hardware and marine-grade climbing panels. They are fully weather resistant, and with minimal maintenance will maintain their looks and functionality for years of hard use. Custom panels, colors, and signage options are available for that extra impact.


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3600 Pounds 


Steel Framework with custom-machined wood panels


outside in all weather

Width of climbing surface

6 feet 

Length of climbing surface

20 feet 

Number of hold Placements


Angle Range

Positive 14 degrees to negative 14 degrees 

Mode of Control

Electro-Hydraulic braking and resistance

Electrical Requirements

9 V DC Plug-in Transformer 

Electronic Display

Measures Distance in feet, time, and calories 

Frame Color

Silver gray, custom colors available 

Panel Color

Charcoal gray, custom colors available 

Included Holds

40 custom training holds and 14 Ladder Line holds 

Maximum Hold Size

2.5 inches high x 6 inches wide 

Floor Mat

8' x 6' custom mat, 1.25" dual foam 


10 years on structural parts 

The Mobile Treadwall is delivered fully assembled via car carrier or towing vehicle. Please inquire directly for details on international orders.

To remove the Mobile Treadwall from the trailer when necessary it just takes 1 person 30 minutes.

You will need the following tools for general maintenance of the Mobile Treadwall:


1 – ¾ open end wrench


1 – ¾ socket

1 – socket wrench 

1 – allen set, SAE

1 – crescent or universal wrench


– Set of screwdrivers

– Cordless drill or screwdriver

2 – Phillips driver bits for drill


1 – vice grip

1 – needle nose pliers

1 – wiring pliers (good for working with master links on chains)

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