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Mobile Ledgewall

The Graycliff Boulder is a small, easily portable climbing island that is constructed from the Ledgewall Module system. The Graycliff Boulder is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled for trade shows, road shows, or travelling fairs while still allowing a large amount of climbing into a small space.

A Graycliff boulder can easily be modified to have one positive sloping side and one negative overhanging side. And the difficulty of the climbs can be adjusted by the types and locations of the holds. While some climbs could be geared for small children at the same time, on the same unit, the most talented climbers could be entertained and challenged by this system's features. When assembled the top is open providing limitless attachment points for banners and advertising.


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Ledgewall panels ship on 1 pallet via standard motor freight. International ocean shipments are fully crated in one single crate. The pallets can easily be broken down outside of the install site and the individual parts can be hand carried inside. Only basic tools are needed to unpack the pallets. All parts can fit through standard doors and can easily be carried up and down stairs.

Installation of Ledgewall panels varies by application but usually takes less than one day and requires some experience with basic hand tools. Most of our customers install their Ledgewall panels themselves or hire local contractors but we can recommend service technicians around the country. Every wall ships with a detailed and easy to follow instruction manual.

You will need the following tools:


1 - 9/16 open end wrench

1 – 9/16 socket

1 – allen set, SAE


– Set of screwdrivers

– Cordless drill or screwdriver

2 – Phillips driver bits for drill

Power Tools: 

– Hammer Drill for installing over

      brick, stone, or concrete walls




3/4" MDO double faced waterproof plywood with 4" framing


Inside or outside with upgrade

Width of climbing surface


Height of climbing surface

8 to 10 feet

Number of hold Placements


Included Holds


Panel Color

Charcoal gray, custom colors available 

Floor Mat

none - 4' x 6' custom mat with hanging system available


1 year 

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